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Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

To begin with, for those of you who were unable to see my recent appearance on California's Gold with Huell Howser, or you live outside the broadcast area, here is a link to the YouTube version, broken up into five easy pieces. The link will take you to part one, from which it is easy to then click on parts two, three, four, etc. Many thanks to the great Scott Michaels (Dearly Departed Tours and for taking the time to upload these five segments for me. If you haven't got a copy yet of Scott's excellent DVD, Dearly Departed, Volume 1, you can now buy it at the BLA Bookstore. He is now hard at work on Volume 2 so watch this space. Meanwhile, the link to California's Gold, starring me and dead animals:

Secondly, it came again to my attention that even some of my closest friends do not know about the search feature throughout the site that makes it very easy to look up specific graves. It is everywhere EXCEPT the home page. So if you click on anything from that or any other page, like GraveGrams, or the Newsletter, or the tabs at the bottom to Famous, Infamous, Just Plain Dead, any grave photo, etc, you will find a box next to the words "Looking for Someone in Particular?" In that box you can type a name, partial name, word or phrase and it will give you a list of everything on the site that includes that word or phrase. For example, type in Valentino and you'll get this:

19 pages that relate to Valentino!

Or type in Barrymore and get this:

9 Barrymore related mentions on the site. Try it, you'll like it. Tell your friends. Better yet, tell mine!

So now you know, we are more than just entertainment, we are a bona fide reference site you can use to research the graves of the famous, the infamous and, well, you know the rest.

Thanks as always for your notes and continued support. Enjoy the show!


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