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Hello, again, Thanatologists:

I have been very busy these last few months finishing the BOOK which is due to my PUBLISHER by the end of this month for a Spring 2009 release. It has been nearly ten years trying to put this book out and it is now going to happen for real, so watch this space for further details.
I have also been leading monthly (more or less) walking cemetery tours for my friends at the Studio for Southern California History ( and this month we did Evergreen, that great old East LA Cemetery where we found Jolly John Larkin, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson and Matthew "Stymie" Beard a few years ago. Every visit brings new discoveries and this one was no exception.

It was actually my good friend Jayne who first spotted the grave of one Joseph Blow. When I'm leading a tour of 30 people, I lose the ability to wander freely and make these fun finds, so I am always grateful when my friends keep their eyes peeled for these guys because I am basically working and trying to keep the group together and moving. On those tours, we have a schedule to keep to. But I did snap the photo of ol Joe Blow that you can now visit here.

I also added Isaacs Lankershim & Van Nuys. I don't know why I hadn't done that before, I certainly had the pictures and the story. They were a father and his son-in-law who pretty much owned the San Fernando Valley in the late 1800s (North Hollywood was once called Lankershim) and they also founded Hollywood Memorial Park (now Hollywood Forever). So why are they buried here in East LA? Because that is where rich white landowners went in those days. Hollywood was just a family business and meant for showbiz types.

We also add the songwriter Jesse Belvin (Earth Angel; Good Night, My Love) and his wife Jo Ann who were tragically killed in a 1960 car crash as his career was taking off.

As always, stop by the What's New page for all the gory details.

See you on the tour, and watch this space for the book's release details!


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