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The Book Is Here!!

Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

This is the news I have waited 10 years to share with all of you. I was expecting a Spring 2009 release date. However, my book is coming out much sooner than expected: January! You can view all the details and pre-order here:

I know it shows the list price at $19.99, but if you click the button to order one, 20% comes off immediately and it is $14.99, but the lowest price is from Use this link and get it for only $13.59:

The book will guide you to over 400 graves in Los Angeles, in twelve cemeteries and some that are not even in cemeteries. There are amusing anecdotes, 270 photographs, biographies, all on glossy paper that looks incredible. I wish it could be here for the Holidays, but this is better than waiting until Spring. Please enjoy!

Thank you!!


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