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Hello Again, Gravers:

What a month it's been. Always like this around Halloween, but we love it. In my last mailer to you, I mentioned my appearance at the The Hollywood Heritage Museum, located at the historic Lasky-DeMille Barn at 2100 N. Highland Ave (across from the Hollywood Bowl). We had a sold out first show and added a second. As a result, the museum store now has a very good supply of signed books left over, so if you would like a signed copy, get over there fast. It is a great museum of historic film memorabilia that you will love, and they have a great gift shop as well. Visit them online at

Thanks to the fine group of volunteers who run the place, I had the honor of being profiled in yesterday's LA Times Calendar section by the venerable Susan King. She has met and interviewed many of the folks whose graves we visited, so she had great stories to share. As did the two photographers, Genaro Molina and Bob Chamberlin, who accompanied us over two days of grave hunting. You can read Susan's story here:,0,6115704.story

And see more great photos by Genaro and Bob here:,0,3080726.photogallery?index=lat-classholl_lavhh8nc20101026125206

Thank you, one and all, and have a great Halloween!


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