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October Update

Hello, loyal BLA surfers.

For the October update we've added 30 new photos for your enjoyment. Since our last letter in August, BLA has topped 42,000 visitors, and this mailing list is up to 82 members, so THANK YOU for your support and interest.

For a complete list of the new additions, check the What's New page on the site, but a few notables I will mention: Bones McCoy himself, DeForest Kelly, who, although he was scattered at sea, I had to include just so I could use the caption, 'He's Dead, Jim!' I think you'll enjoy the way we were able to accomplish this. Bugsy Seigel gets a new photo and is now in the company of his old associate, Moe Sedway. A beautiful new photo has also been added of the girl who was 'Too Beautiful,' Barbara LaMarr. Oliver Hardy joins us, although Stan Laurel seems to be temporarily missing in action. We're taking steps now to find him so we can reunite the classic comedy duo.

Under Just Plain Dead, read the story of the heroic airline stewardess, Reba Monk, who saved 23 souls from their downed aircraft before succumbing to her injuries back in 1947. (Thanks, Mike, for that one, as well as for Ted Bessell, Doug McClure and Paul Henreid.)

For the rest of you, Mike gave a few of us his patented tour of Woodlawn in Santa Monica, where these pictures were taken. Mae Clarke, Mae Murray, Jiminy Cricket and Popeye are among the other new pics, so sit back, pour yourself a cold one, smoke 'em if you got 'em, and enjoy the ever growing Beneath Los!


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