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Grave Grams Now Available!

Hello, dear BLA members.

The latest update is big on fun. We've just added Superman, Tarzan, and the mother of Comedy! More about that later, but the big news is our newest feature: GraveGrams! That's right, now you can send free electronic postcards featuring pictures from the Beneath Los Angeles collection with clever (we hope) captions that you can personalize and customize.

Twelve cards are currently available, and more will come later. Some are perfect for Valentine's Day, so check them out now and use them all you want. On a technical note, if you've bookmarked BLA without the www. in the URL, you'll need to add the www. to send a GraveGram.

Wilbur Hatch has been found and added! If you read our previous letter, you know that the Wilbur Hatch (conductor of the Desi Arnaz Orchestra on 'I Love Lucy' and other Desilu productions) we had, turned out to be an imposter (how could there be two guys with this name, who lived around the same time and place?), so now, alerted as we were by the man's grandson, we've added the real Wilbur to our Famous page, and moved the imposter to Just Plain Dead.

New under Infamous: George 'Superman' Reeves; Elmo Lincoln, the movies' first Tarzan; Black Panther Leader Eldridge Cleaver; Charles 'Shakin All Over' Richter; and Richard Feynman, the physicist, lecturer and author. You probably missed the film 'Infinity' which starred Matthew Broderick as Feynman and Patricia Arquette as his first wife, Arline. It was Broderick's directorial debut, and was written by his mother.

Some funny new Just Plain Dead pics include a guy named Bridegroom, another named Bliss, and a woman, a mother, named Edna C. Comedy, who we simply call the Mother of Comedy. As usual, check the What's New page for the complete listing.

A huge thank you to Ken, my brother and web master, for coming up with the idea for the GraveGrams and working his magic to bring them to you.

Later this week, I will be sending out a survey to ask your opinions and suggestions for a tour business we may be offering to visitors to Southern California. Please take a few minutes to respond when you get that. I would greatly appreciate it.

Carry on, enjoy your Sunday, and have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Hope the GraveGrams are useful.

All the Best,


(Published: Sun Jul 29 2018; Hits: 110)

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