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Two Years and 60,000 Hits!

Dear BLA List Members-

I almost missed it myself, but today I realized that this week marks two years we have been on line with Beneath Los Angeles. And today, we will go over the 60,000 mark for satisfied viewers. Thank you to all of you who have spread the word and made this so much fun for me.

And a huge thank you to my brother and web master, Ken, for doing so much to bring my vision to you. His contributons have included the general look of the site, the Associate program, the idea for GraveGrams, the Nedstat counter, and the scanning and posting of all the photos which I mail to him on a very regular basis. Once in a while, he even adds a caption or two. So, a big thank you to all of you.

Another big update is in the works so I will write again when that happens. Just wanted to mark this special occassion with a quick note.

Don't forget to visit the links page, lots of other fun sites there.

All the Best,

(Published: Sun Jul 29 2018; Hits: 32)

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