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What's new for 2000-08-28

At long last, dear list members, there are NEW PICTURES up at BLA for your enjoyment. I won't go into a long description of each like I usually do, just head to the 'What's New' tab to see the list for yourself.

Two I would like to mention, though, are stars of the silent era who I've wanted to add for a long time; Edna Purviance and Harry Langdon. They are both entombed at Grandview Memorial Park, in an old and crumbling mausoleum. I owe these finds to the late, great Denis Svoboda, a Grandview devotee who led me to these two. Ms. Purviance was a frequent leading lady for Charlie Chaplin and was also living in the apartment next door to William Desmond Taylor at the time of his 1922 murder. Mr. Langdon was a silent comic genius.

Please enjoy these and the other additions to the site, and let us know how you like the latest features. Have you voted yet for your favorites? Watch the 'What's New' page over the next few days, because the big update I promised you is under way.


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