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Hello, BLA-ers,

Another big update for your enjoyment has been added. As always, check the What's New page for all the details, but 28 new photos are up, and a couple of newspaper articles featuring friends of Beneath Los Angeles have also been added to the Shameless Plugs page. You know, at this time of year (Halloween), our hobby gets a lot of media attention. It's almost funny. Journalists and TV segment producers suddenly get the unoriginal idea of following us around on our grave hunts. I'm not complaining, mind you, just amused by it all.

Anyway, on to the business at hand. Among the new adds, the 'Best of the Bad,' tough guy actor Lee Van Cleef joins us, as well as the original fugitive, David Janssen. Actress Joan Hackett, with one of the greatest epitaphs ever, along with her mausoleum mates Clifton Webb and film pioneer Jesse L. Lasky. Jimmy Durante and Fred MacMurray, with their Holy Cross neighbors Edgar Kennedy and Pat O'Brien. Lots of others. Also, I've been replacing some of my older pics with newer, better ones, so if it's been a while, check the new, improved photos of Sammy Davis, Jr., Errol Flynn and Ray Bolger.

And don't forget to read the recent articles about our friends at Find A Grave and Find A Death. You'll find them on our news page, Shameless Plugs.

Thanks, as always, for all your notes and support. It makes me happy that you enjoy what I love doing. More new pics are coming soon, so always a good idea to stop by the What's New page each visit.

Happy Halloween!

(Published: Sun Jul 29 2018; Hits: 154)

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