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History Lesson Update

Happy New Year!

Our last update of the year (and the decade/millennium, depending on how you count and who you believe) is up and is big on Hollywood History.

We already had silent screen star (and producer in her own right) Norma Talmadge on the site, but it was one of my older pictures, not a good one. I have revisited the Talmadge crypts many times at Hollywood Forever, so I thought some updating was in order. See the new pic, plus those of her famous sisters, Natalie and Constance.

Norma was the first star to have her footprints in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, when she accidentally stepped in the fresh stuff in 1927. Sister Constance, the commedienne in the family, thought she'd be different, and walked across her square, leaving many footprints instead of the now standard single pair. It's located behind the box office.

Norma was married to mega-producer Joseph Schenk, who produced many of Buster Keaton's films. Buster was married to Natalie, whose last big role was in his film, Our Hospitality, produced by her brother-in-law Joe S. Got all that?

Paul Muni was an Oscar winning actor famous for his portrayals of Emile Zola, Louis Pasteur, and the original Scarface. He also starred in The Good Earth, which won an Oscar for his co-star, Louise Rainer. In the film, their daughter, the mute Little Fool, was played by Suzanna Kim. Ms. Kim and Mr. Muni are now on the site.

In 1924, Marlene Dietrich married one Rudolph Sieber. Their marriage produced a daughter, Maria. Although they were only together a couple of years, they never legally divorced. Rudi died in 1976, still the only husband of Ms. Dietrich. He has also been added to the site.

That's the history lesson for today. As always, please check the What's New page for the complete update.

And ending on a personal note: I wrote in my previous letter that our highlight of the year was that Times interview. I completely forgot that for Web Master Dave, something much bigger occured this year. He and his wife Lisa are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl, Tori Spelling Koch (just kidding about the Spelling). Congratulations to the whole family, and a big thanks to Dave for his efforts this year.

Ken says hi, and says to remind you of our URL:

Thanks. See you online.

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