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Summer Update at BLA

Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers
It has been a couple of months at least since I last put finger to keyboard to share our newest and greatest with you, so I thought I'd share a little now. Got a minute?

First of all, we have moved the site to out own server to better serve you. The change will be (mostly) transparent to you, the URL has not changed, just the convenience. No longer will we stress out our host server so that you find the links disabled. That's good news for you, and great news for us, because it means I no longer have to fly into a murderous rage every time one of these letters brings increased traffic to the site, causing us to use 'too many resources,' causing them to shut us down, in effect.

Anywho, to the business at hand: at least 10 new photos added since our last letter: Come back and see evidence that the Economy is really dead, visit with Goldie Hawn's dad, two thirds of the Del Rubio Triplets, Former LA Sherrif Sherman Block, TV Producer Sheldon Leonard (also remembered as Nick, the bartender, from 'It's a Wonderful Life'), Make-Up Maven Max Factor, and check forger (and former head of Columbia Pictures) David Begelman, as well as a guy called Morris Wasserman #5. Made me wonder where #1-4 were buried.

We've also added another submitted photo from a contributor. Our Colma connection, Cindy Price, sent a priceless photo of a grave with the appropriate name Finale. What could sum up a grave stone better than that?
Thanks, Cindy.

Fianlly, don't forget to visit our links page. This month's featured link is the excellent, created by the very amusing Scott Michaels. I am a very proud contributor to the site, so if you are interested in seeing some of my non-grave photography, check out his latest story on the Robert Blake-Bonnie Bakley murder, and then go to his directory and see his stories on Dorothy Dandridge, Dorothy Stratten, John Lennon, Nerine Shatner, the Addams Family, the Beverly Hillbillies, and Batman, to name just a few. Keep up the great work, Scott. And to the rest of you, have fun, and buy a t-shirt while you're there. Let's keep him online!

That's all for now. Thanks, as always, for your continued support and correspondence. And as always, the What's New page will always keep you updated when these letters are few and far between.


(The rest of this rather lengthy e-mail has been deleted)

(Published: Sun Jul 29 2018; Hits: 169)

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