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Hello, again, fellow Enthusiasts-

Want to see a really great grave? Of course you do. That's why you subscribe to the BLA Newsletter. I love this one. My friend, Doe, brought it to my attention, even though I have visited Home of Peace so many times. I was unaware of the Fireplace grave until Doe mentioned it as her favorite. Want to see it? Click here:

Cool, huh? Thanks, Doe. It is one of eighteen new additions to Beneath Los Angeles this week.

Others include: Dolores Costello Barrymore, the first wife of John Barrymore, and grandmother of Drew, who closely resembles her. Dolores was "Goddess of the Silent Screen" and was brought out of retirement in 1942 by Orson Welles to star in The Magnificent Ambersons, his follow up to Citizen Kane.

Dooley Wilson is added, as promised in an earlier letter. He was Sam, as in "Play it again, Sam," in Casablanca. Thanks again to Scott Groll for leading me to him at Rosedale.

You've seen Ned Doheny, Jr, with his killer (or victim, depending on which telling of events you believe), Hugh Plunkett, on the site. Now, we've got his dad, E.L. Doheny, Sr., Oily Tycoon and Teapot Dome Scandal figure. Also here from our recent return to Calvary is L.A. mobster Jack Dragna, and jazz great Jelly Roll Morton, as well as Ronald Reagan's Mom, Nelle. I have Joe Walker and Mark Masek to thank for those finds. Thanks, guys. Mark's book, Hollywood Remains To Be Seen (Great title, huh?) is available on the bookstore page and well worth it.

Sam Warner, of the Warner Brothers, tragically died on the eve of their greatest triumph, the premiere of The Jazz Singer (1927), which ushered in the era of sound films. He's here now, along with Irene Mayer Selznick (daughter of Louis B., wife of David O.), and Manson murder victim Leno La Bianca.

It's all here in the new update. And find the answer to the question "What's a Greek God Urn?" As always, a quick stop by the What's New page will guide you through the whole shebang.

Enjoy, and have a great 2002!!

All the Best-


(Published: Sun Feb 03 2019; Hits: 106)

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