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July '02 Update at BLA

Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

Now that we've finished grieving for dead rock stars, it is time to return to the business at hand: Gravehunting! (If we don't, the terrorists win.)

There are nine new photos on the site for your pleasure, from three recent visits to Westwood, Hillside, and a little trip to Palm Springs.

At Hillside in Culver City, where I attended the funeral in April of Milton Berle, I now bring you....Milton Berle! His crypt is temporarily marked with an index card, awaiting the official 'unveiling' that is the Jewish custom at the one year anniversary of burial. Just around the corner from Uncle Miltie, also awaiting her unveiling, and marked with Dymo tape in the meantime, is the infamous film producer and author Julia Phillips. I found her quite by accident whilst just wandering around, and that really is the best part of this hobby, isn't it, the accidental discoveries.

In Westwood, lots going on. I can now present to you the shiny new final resting place of Jack Lemmon, who is very near his dear friends and collaborators, Walter Matthau and Billy Wilder. And as soon as a couple of other new neighbors are marked, if ever, I promise to bring you George C. Scott and Carrol O'Connor. Also new this time is Jennifer Syme, the ex-girlfriend of Keanu Reeves, who wrapped her car around some cars near the Hollywood Bowl after leaving the home of Marilyn Manson. She is buried in Westwood with the infant daughter she and Keanu lost barely two years earlier.

In Palm Springs, I briefly toured the outdoor mausoleum across the street from the cemetery where Sinatra and Sonny Bono reside. There, I found the husband and wife actors Phil Harris and Alice Faye, sharing a columbarium condominium with author Harold Robbins. I also came across actor and sculptor George Montgomery. If I had stayed longer or searched harder (it was oppressively hot, as you can imagine), I would have found a new niche for his ex-wife, Dinah Shore. Her crypt at Hillside, featured on the site, contains only one third of her ashes. One third went to George, which I assume is the portion now resting near him, and the final third is with another friend. I also might have found John Phillips, who I admired so much as the driving force behind the Mamas and the Papas. Next visit, I will track him down and post him.

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Thanks, and have a great summer!


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