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Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

If you're like me, and I'm guessing you are, you are probably a big fan of the HBO Series, Six feet Under. I have been since the very first episode, and I always wondered where the house was that they use for the exterior of the Fisher & Sons Funeral Home. Well, guess what? I did a little bit of detective work and I found it, and I bring it to you now. Here, take a look here. Cool, huh? I found the address while poking around on the HBO website. There, you can browse the 'personal effects' of the fictitious characters on the show, and one of these items was an application supposedly filled out by the family matriarch, Ruth Fisher, for an EST type seminar she attended on the show. The address looked to me like it might actually be the real house used on the show, so I went there, and it was.

Anyway, I know we just brought you our 'Big Friggin Update' but we never rest here at Beneath Los Angeles, so now we bring you a minor update, which includes South Park voiceover artist Mary Kay Bergman, who played many of the female characters on that show, and in the South Park movie, she sang the Oscar nominated song, 'Blame Canada.'

And speaking of Oscars, we bring you the freshly marked niche of actor Rod Steiger, Oscar winner with so many wonderful films to his credit, including 'In The Heat of the Night,' 'On The Waterfront,' 'WC Fields & Me,' 'The Pawnbroker,' and of course, 'The Loved One.'

We also bring you Dragnet creator Jack Webb, whose gravestone, fittingly, offers 'just the facts,' as well as some Just Plain Dead folks like a lady named Lasagna, a guy who declares the ATM is closed, and another guy who proclaims himself to be the Pride of the Confederacy, even though he was born in 1923.

And on a final note, don't forget to visit our online store for those last minute gifts for the gravehunters on your list. It is conveniently located right here.

Thanks, and have a great Holiday Season.

Steve, and the entire staff of Beneath Los Angeles.

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