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Happy New Year from Fred, Ginger, & BLA

Good day, and Happy New Year, BLA Enthusiasts:

In our final update of 2002, we bring you the great movie dance team of Astaire and Rogers. In a recent visit to Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, where Fred and Ginger are conveniently planted in the same cemetery, I found much to share with you.

Ginger Rogers is in the same grave as her mother, Lela, and nearby, Fred Astaire is buried near three more important women from his life; his sister, Adele, his mother, Ann, and his first wife, Phyllis.

Also in this cemetery, Stephen Boyd, who memorably raced Charlton Heston's chariot in Ben-Hur, and Gloria Grahame, the blonde town trollop with the heart of gold, Violet, in "It's a Wonderful Life."

I also found a memorial to several victims of the 1928 St. Francis Dam Disaster, and a guy whose name was 'Midget,' though I'm guessing he always thought big.

Oakwood was once the final resting place of Bob Crane, but he has since been relocated to an unmarked grave in Westwood.

So, that's it for this year. As always, a stop by the 'What's New' page will always alert you to the latest additions to our ever-growing collection of the Famous, the Infamous, and the Just Plain Dead who are planted Beneath Los Angeles.

As always, thanks to all of you who made this year and every year so much fun for me. A BIG Thanks to my web master, Dave Koch, for his tireless efforts on our behalf. Have a safe and happy 2003, and we'll see you right here next year.

All My Best Wishes,
Steve G.

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