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Nine new entries today at the BLA web site, with several taken from stories found in the book, Fallen Angels, a true crime volume of Los Angeles based crimes through the decades.
>From inside the Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn, Glendale, at the lowest, oldest levels, we bring you the 1927 twelve year old murder victim Marion Parker. In a gruesome crime that shocked LA that year, young Marion was abducted from her school, then driven past her home with her eyes propped open with toothpicks to fool her family into believing she was alive so they would pay the ransom. When they did, her dismembered body was discovered soon after.
We've already brought you Paul Kelly, the actor who beat to death the husband of his girlfriend, Dorothy Mackaye, who later became his wife after they got out of prison, but now we bring you their victim, Ray Raymond.
In one of the strangest murder cases in LA history, one Fred Oesterreich was killed by a man his wife kept hidden in their attic as her secret lover for 20 years, Otto Sanhuber. Fred joins us now, also from the bowels of the Great Mausoleum.
BLA thanks the wonderful Scott Groll for his help with these finds, as well as the parents of Judy Garland, who have also been added, along with her former husband, Vincente Minnelli.

As always, please visit the What's New page for all the details, and please enjoy!

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