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Well, after one of the most drawn out death scenes in history, comedian Bob Hope was finally pronounced dead this week, two months after his 100th birthday. I have to admit that the many televised tributes almost got to me, as this man's life truly encapsulated the entire 20th century, which includes my whole life and yours, I imagine. In his memory, our latest update includes his long time sidekick, Jerry Colonna, the bug eyed, mustachioed man at Hope's side from vaudeville, into radio, television, and all those USO shows. My good friend Scott Michaels of the excellent suspects that Mr. Hope actually died a long time ago and they simply withheld the news from the public. But I say, if that were true they would have to falsify his death certificate, and we all know what happens when a DC is fudged: Gloria Allred becomes extremely agitated and starts suing everybody. In a way, I hope Scott is right, because I can't get enough of seeing Gloria Allred pissed off.

In one of the more bizarre episodes in graving this year, actor Bob Crane's new reburial in Westwood has now been marked with a most elaborate stone. As many of you may know, Col. Hogan spent the first 20 years of his 'retirement' at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, under a very simple headstone. His neighbors there included Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Then, about two years ago, he was inexplicably relocated to Westwood and that headstone was buried with him! If it was privacy they were after, that has now gone as the kinky Colonel is now marked big time. Photos, poetry, and his Hilda adorn the new marker, which is also included in this update.

Under Just Plain Dead, we have a few finds including the mother of Mary Tyler Moore; a woman nicknamed 'Cookie' whose epitaph reads "What goes around, comes around" which made me wonder what exactly was in her cookies; and another woman named Maryanne Marianna, which made me wonder if she might be related to Roseanne Rosannadanna.

Who knows? There are many more additions, which you will find under "What's New" as always. Meanwhile I am off in search of the Buddys Hackett and Ebsen, and the aforementioned Mr. Hope, who, I suspect, will be joining Gregory Peck at the Taj Mahoney. Watch this space for further details.

Until then, my fine thanatogist friends, adios, and drive safely.


(Published: Sun Feb 03 2019; Hits: 1)

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