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Thanksgiving, 2003

Happy Holidays, dear BLA Subscribers:

A few new entries to entertain you during this shopping weekend. I mean, Holiday weekend;

After just 20 years, I finally made it out to Forest Lawn, Cypress, to bring you the family crypt of Karen Carpenter and her parents. It's not like Cypress is far for me or anything, I drive by it every day going to and from my office, and I really don't know what's kept me from going in all this time. It's like the cemetery here in my hometown of Redondo Beach, Pacific Crest, which I passed every day for 20 years and only recently ventured into to bring you the silent film star Mae Marsh. We never seem to appreciate what's in our own backyards, yada yada yada. My Holiday message to you, dear readers.

So, while in Cypress there, I also found rockabilly legend Eddie Cochran, he of 'Summertime Blues' fame who was killed in a car crash in England in 1960, which his girlfriend, songwriter Sharon Sheeley, survived. She wrote a lot of hits for Ricky Nelson and the Everly Brothers, and she died last year.

Also, while roaming the mausoleum where the Carpenters lie, I came across a guy called the Godfather, so he is now here, too.

And from a recent visit to Hillside Memorial in Culver City, I now bring you the infamous Helen Kushnick, former manager of Jay Leno and his executive producer on the Tonight Show, the one behind those controversial booking wars, who was immortalized in the HBO film, "The Late Shift" by Kathy Bates. Many thanks to BLA friend Jayne Osborne for pointing her out and even snapping the picture for me.

Also, a special thanks to Melissa Delgado, longtime BLA friend, who turned in some great new research on FW Blanchard, whose Hollywood tombstone is listed here as the Weeping Lady, my favorite grave ever. And thanks also to Scott Michaels of the very excellent site for hyping my new BLA 2004 Calendars on his main page. Please visit his site, you'll thank me later. It is the most entertaining site on the net, and the reason God made computers.

What am I thankful for this holiday season? YOU, my dear BLA subscribers, who make this so much fun and who let me know you appreciate what I love doing.

Wishing you all the happiest of holiday seasons. Be safe.


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