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Greetings, Pet Lovers:

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming -- 'WOW, what a ride!!!'"
--- Anonymous

Thought I'd greet you today with a quote I found appropriate. So, anyway, on to business:

I made another visit recently to the LA Pet Cemetery in Calabasas and have added a bunch of interesting pooches and pets. Of course, we already had Pukie Barrymore (cat of Lionel Barrymore. How he got that colorful name I shall leave to your imaginations!), but now we have added Chuckles the Clown; Kabar Valentino (the famous pet of Rudolph); a childhood pet of Lauren Bacall's; and the family dog of Morey Amsterdam, named Pussy Cat. But it is not all ancient history at this place. We found a memorial brick laid there recently by Adam Sandler for his beloved pit bull, Meatball.

And speaking of ancient history, a friend of mine, Joe Walker, recently uncovered a chapter from LA's past that revealed who was really LA's first black Firefighter, the first to die in the line of duty, who has lain in an unmarked grave, unknown to history for 108 years. Joe's research led to a proper memorial unveiled recently, and the history books rewritten to acknowledge this pioneer's ultimate sacrifice. I was honored to attend the ceremony and now can present to you the grave of Sam Haskins.

Other new adds to the site include songwriter Harry Nilsson, murder victim Ron Goldman, and the newly relocated Karen Carpenter and parents, as well as LA early entrepreneur, Earl Gilmore, founder of, among other things, the Farmers Market, where still stands the adobe house where he was born and later died in the very same bed. That house is now the office of the company that bears his father's name, the AF Gilmore Company, which runs Farmers Market and the Grove.

So, that's the latest. You are now current. Thank you as always for your kind notes of support and encouragement. If you're in LA right now, enjoy the unseasonably warm weather, and if you're not, sorry.

Peace, out!

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