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"Whatever happened to Fay Wray," laments Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Well, Tim, the original scream queen co-star of the original King Kong lived to a ripe old age, dying this year and ending up lakeside at Hollywood Forever, leading off the latest update at Beneath Los Angeles. From my most recent visit to my favorite place on earth (it's like my own private Disneyland), I bring you Fay Wray along with the latest completed headstone of Dee Dee Ramone (if you check out his page you can see the development of his grave from a fresh plot of land with a hand written name tag to the shiny black monument that now marks the spot.)

Band leader Woody Herman has now been moved from his tiny cremation niche behind the Cathedral Mausoleum to a huge new sarcophagus big enough to rival that of his new neighbor, Douglas Fairbanks.

"David White as Larry Tate" from Bewitched is now on board as well, as is Little Rascal Darla Hood.

Cecil Barbee was president of Coca-Cola back when the drink actually contained cocaine. Here's a fun fact: You know about the Black Dahlia, of course. Okay, so the morning she was found back in January, 1947, the first two guys on the scene were a reporter named Will Fowler and his photographer. Guess where they were coming from when they got the call? They had been interviewing this Cecil Barbee at the Beverly Hills Hotel about his upcoming wedding to some young thing. He sent them off with a single bottle of Coke to share between them on their ride back to the office. They were bitching about this when the call came over their police scanner which led them to their gruesome discovery. So, Cecil makes the update.

There is a new picture and a caption now under John Huston's page. The man is literally pushing up daisies.

A trip to the What's New page will point you toward all the new stuff, but Dee Dee Ramone and Huston are not really new, so you'll have to check them out on your own. (Just type their names into the search box-easy!)

We have a winner in the 2005 BLA Calendar drawing, and she is Betty Laga of Indiana. Congratulations, Betty! And the rest of you, don't forget the new calendars are out and ready for gift giving.

Thanks for reading the BLA Newsletter, and remember:

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