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Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

It came to my attention recently through a good friend and frequent visitor to BLA that he was unaware of the easy search feature that has been on the site now for a couple of years. I figured if he didn't know about it, maybe a lot of you don't and it would make it so much easier for you to navigate around the site if you did, so a quick note to hip you to this innovation from webmaster Dave.

Go to almost any page on the site (click on Famous, Infamous, Just Plain Dead, you get the idea), then scroll down the page until you see a box next to the phrase: "Looking for someone in particular?" There you can type in a name, a partial name or any keyword, hit enter and all relavent grave sites will pop up. This will save you lots of time when searching for a particular stooge or Wizard of Oz cast member or gangster or murder victim and the like.

I hope you will use this feature to get around quickly and make the most of your time when you visit.

As always, stop by the What's New page to see the many new additions we have added this month (including the newly unveiled statue of Johnny Ramone at Hollywood Forever), and in case I haven't mentioned it recently, please do not reply to this e-mail as I will never get that reply. It will go into cyberspace never to be seen by me, so if you want to write, click on my name at the site and I'll respond, I promise.

Finally, when in L.A., be sure to hitch a ride on the new Dearly Departed Tour. You won't be disappointed. Visit for more information.

Happy Hunting!


(Published: Sun Jul 29 2018; Hits: 5)

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