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New Calendars for 2006

Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

While my own book remains unpublished, I have contributed around 20 photographs to a forthcoming book, 'Last Laugh' by Stuart Cooper, which will be published next month by Marlin Press in the UK. The photographs feature graves with unique or funny names or epitaphs. To celebrate this event, the new BLA Calendars for 2006 feature twelve of these photographs. While a few are names you'd recognize, like Rodney Dangerfield (There Goes The Neighborhood), Dee Dee Ramone (OK, I Gotta Go Now) or Mel Blanc (That's All, Folks), most are graves with names like Boner, Hooker, Lawyer, and Bridegroom.

The reason I'm telling you about this now is because the manufacturer, Cafe Press, is offering a limited time coupon for $2.00 off until October 15. To see the calendar and order yours early, click here:

and enter the coupon code at check out: CAL2 to get your discount. If they come up with other offers after that, I will certainly let you know, but for now, this one is good until 10/15/05.

Thanks. Enjoy!


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