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Dear Fellow Adventurers:

I've been on a real King Kong Kick lately, what with the latest remake out and the 1933 original being given a proper DVD release, so I went out in search of the master minds who created the monster ape in the first place. Imagine my surprise to find them (mostly) in Westwood of all places!

The original Koncept sprang from the mind of one Meriam C. Cooper, a film producer and adventurer, who along with his best bud and fellow traveler, Ernest Schoedsack, co-directed and co-produced the film. The two main male characters, Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll, were based on Meriam and Ernest. About 40 years later, Cooper and Robert Armstrong, the actor who played his on-screen alter ego, Carl Denham, died within 14 hours of each other. While Cooper was scattered at sea, Armstrong was sprinkled in the Rose Garden at Westwood. Unfortunately, he is unmarked, but very close by in the urn garden are the ashes of Ernest Schoedsack and his wife, Ruth Rose, who co-wrote the screenplay (her first), basing the romance between Driscoll and Ann Darrow on her own real life story with Ernie.

Back in that Rose Garden, one actor who is marked is Don DeFore, an icon of 1950's TV, being the guy who employed 'Hazel' (played by Shirley Booth), as well as the neighbor of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson. Don was also the only person ever allowed to own and operate his own restaurant inside Disneyland. Isn't that cool? You can also see him in some great film noir from the 40's.

Don, Ernie & Ruth are among the latest new graves in the current update. Well, the graves aren't new, just my pictures of them, but you'll also find the very new grave of Miss Shelley Winters over at Hillside.

Find the complete update here: and as always, Happy Hunting!


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