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Highland Price & Charlie Siringo

Hello agin, Fellow Cemetery Enthusiasts:

It has been a while since my last newsletter, and I've been very busy. Busy adding new graves to BLA. There are 31 days in January, and 31 new graves added in January. Coincidence? Well, yes, as it turns out. Plus 13 in December means there are a lot of new pics and stories to check out. See the complete list here:

I've been going back to many of my favorite cemeteries to get deeper, including Inglewood, Hollywood, Westwood (all the Woods) and Rosedale. Among the 44 new pictures:

Highland Price. I hadn't heard of her until I was perusing a Hollywood History book and learned that not only was she the first ever burial at Hollywood Memorial Park (now Hollywood Forever) in 1901, but Highland Ave is named after her. She was the wife of the land owner at the time, and died quite young. I was thrilled to learn of her and then locate her historic grave.

In Inglewood, thanks to my good friend, Scott Groll, the detective of the graveyards, I found legendary Western Lawman (and Pinkerton Detective) Charlie Siringo. Who knew he was buried in Inglewood? Well, Scott did. Siringo has had his story told many times (mostly inaccurately) in film and novels, but he was a real guy with a fascinating life. He was also the great-grandfather of a friend of mine, Bill Kent, who helped provide some of the facts for your reading enjoyment.

We also have added two key players from the OJ Simpson murder trial, attorney Johnnie Cochran and OJ's buddy, Bob Kardashian, both at Inglewood. And I've almost forgotten Billy Preston, erstwhile fifth Beatle.

You can see all 44 newbies from the above link, so I won't go into all of them here (other than suffragist Caroline Severance, buried at Rosedale), but I do want to mention again how proud I am of my friend Scott Michaels and his great new DVD, Dearly Departed, Volume 1. This 90 minute video tour of Hollywood History is so worth the $20, you will thank me later, trust me. I've never been more excited to see my name in print than I was when he mentions me in the closing credits because I have never been associated with anything this downright entertaining and informative. Click on the banner ads on my site or his,, for more info.

I know that some of you would like me to include locations on each of the over 800 graves on the site, and that would be a huge undertaking (pun intended), but as always, I am happy to answer any and all requests for specific information, so feel free to write me from the site. But do not reply to this e-mail because I don't see the replies. I don't know where they go or if anyone gets them, but I don't.

Happy Hunting!


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