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Black Dahlia's Killer?

Hello, again, dear BLA Subscribers:

There are 18 new photos added this week to the site and many updated versions
of old photos. Many of these are from Grand View Memorial Park, the troubled
Glendale cemetery that has been closed for two years during legal battles and
has recently begun opening for limited visitations two days per month. It can
not be fully landscaped or cleaned much as it is still evidence in ongoing law
suits, all of which have been meticulously covered by my friend Lisa Burks, a
journalist and blogger who has been there every step of the way, telling the
story and interviewing key players, as well as aiding loved ones in finding and
caring for the graves of their relatives.

On two recent visits, I was able to update old photos of silent film stars Edna
Purviance, Harry Langdon and western film star Lafayette McKee, while adding
others like Chill Wills (the voice of Francis, the Talking Mule) and Madge
Blake, TV's Aunt Harriett of the Batman series of the 60s.

One grave of note at Grand View is Walter Bayley, M.D., who is the most likely
suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short, aka the Black Dahlia. I know many will
roll their eyes to hear this since the Black Dahlia case is the great unsolved
murder mystery of the 20th Century, and there have been as many theories and
suspects as the hundreds of books and films on the subject, but this one makes
as much sense as any of them. Certainly he is a stronger possibility than Orson
Welles. Yep, Orson has been mentioned more than once as a contender.

Dr. Bayley lived on Norton Ave, the famous dump site, one block from the vacant
lot where she was discovered that January morning in 1947. He was a surgeon and
was known to be losing his mind, his marriage and his practice at the time of
the murder. And he knew the Short family. Elizabeth's sister had been a
bridesmaid at his daughter's wedding. This much is documented. The theory is
that he is someone Elizabeth would have contacted for help when she was down and
out, and he would have taken advantage of that to send a message of terror to
his wife who still occupied the house on Norton. He died the following year of

Anyway, I certainly do not claim to have solved the case. My job is just to
present you with the facts so you can draw your own conclusions, but even more
than that, my job is to show you his grave. He is among the 18 new entries so
check the What's New page to take a look.

I also bring you Sam Dreben, the "Fighting Jew," a mercenary soldier
who fought alongside Pancho Villa as well as the US Army. He was portrayed by
Alan Arkin in the TV movie about Pancho Villa starring Antonio Banderas in the
title role.

Many thanks again to Lisa Burks, the "Fighting Blogger" whose efforts
have contributed greatly to the limited openings of Grand View during a
difficult period in its long history, and whose writing extends to her heartfelt
assistance to the relatives of those buried there.

Enjoy your summer!


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