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Hello, again.

Some new changes to announce at Beneath Los Angeles this week. First of all, the corrections I said I wasn't going to bother with have now been made. We strive for excellence here at BLA, so Ted Healy now has a son, not a daughter; William Frawley now played Uncle Bub, not Uncle Bud; and Paul Kelly now did time in San Quentin, not San Quinton.

But the most exciting change this week is our new affiliation with You may now use BLA as your search engine!! A link now appears on every page of the site. You may use this new feature to search for anything at all on the internet. Also, an link appears on every page so you may now buy books, videos, and music from anywhere on the site, not just the bookstore page.

But, speaking of the bookstore page, we've added a cool list of topic-related videos like L.A. Confidential and Sunset Boulevard, Day of the Locust and All About Eve. When was the last time you saw Chinatown? Buy it today at BLA! Finally, as a list member, you can access past bulletins by going to the member center and logging in. Click on the ListBot icon on the What's New page, and follow the prompts to view the archives (for you newer members who have missed the previous update messages.)

As always, please feel free to write me any time with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I always am happy to reply. Thank you for your support, as Bartles and Jaymes used to say. (What ever happened to Wine Coolers?)



(Published: Wed Mar 20 2019; Hits: 53)

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