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Hello, again, from Beneath Los Angeles.

Our next update is coming soon, and will include, we hope, the 'Real' Wilbur Hatch. That's right, the picture currently on the site as Wilbur Hatch, which I found at Holy Cross in Culver City, turns out to be an imposter. I was alerted to this by the man's grandson, and so I plan to go to Altadena in the next week to get the real deal, the conductor of the Desilu Orchestra.

In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention to our links page, because there are some real fun sites there, which is why we put them there.

First, there is the legendary grand-pooba of grave hunting sites, Find A Grave. It's funny, people often call me (because he gets so much publicity) to say something like 'Hey, this guy stole your idea.' Well, hardly! Find A Grave existed long before we did. In fact, this was one of the very first sites (along with Naked Hollywood Celebrities) that I ever surfed onto in my earliest days on the internet. Since then, I'm proud to say, its creator, Jim Tipton, has become a friend, and one of our earliest supporters. His site is, without question, the greatest resource on the net for locating the graves of the famous and the infamous.

Another great resource for those in our hobby is (don't forget that hyphen or you'll end up on a porno site). Karen McHale has created not only a nice site, but also a forum where you can join a daily discussion group to discuss dead celebs and where they are buried. Members include other site owners, authors, photographers, and very knowledgable folks. Check it out.

Another friend, Scott Michaels, has created the always entertaining and informative Find A Here, he writes the fully illustrated stories of the demises of your favorite stiffs. See where they died, where they lived, their graves and their death certificates. I am proud to be a contributor to this site.

If you're interested in seeing some examples of my non-grave photography, check out his stories on Dorothy Dandridge, Nerine (Mrs. William) Shatner, Dorothy Stratten, Dominique Dunne, John Lennon and members of the Addams Family.

Finally, if you love good music with a twisted edge to it, please check out my friends, Sauce, at On their site, you can hear samples of their music, read lyrics and reviews, see photos (including their recent show, Jesus' Kid Brother, which featured yours truly), and even play games. Their new CD, "Where Are You Going?" (which also features yours truly) is out, and available on most music sites. Read all about it, hear it, buy it, at

Please check out all the sites on our links page next visit, or when you can. We try very hard to make this page as interesting and entertaining as the rest of BLA.

Thank you as always for your support.

All the Best,


(Published: Wed Mar 20 2019; Hits: 261)

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