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Big Update, Big News!

Hello, again, dear BLA List Members-

Today we've added 36 new photos, making a total for this month of 60 new pics and stories. If you haven't logged on for a while, there is much to see. As always, please check the What's New page for all the details, but here are a few highlights.

Jonas Salk and Ray Kroc are here from a visit I made to San Diego 10 months ago. Thanks to BLA friend Harry Martin for guiding me that day at El Camino. I have no idea why it took me this long to add the photos, but they're here now.

A first for BLA is the addition of a few submitted photos from other contributors. As you know, I don't usually take submissions, all the photos are my own. Until now. Because these were too good to pass up. First, BLA friend Debbie Foster sent the picture of the unfortunate soul whose name was Dumfart. (See? I had no choice--had to use it.) Then, Ally Wicker, a gravehunting pal whose own site,, can be found on our links page, sent me a find from Westwood that I had previously missed, a guy with the name of Frank Gifford. The caption, by the way, was contributed by webmaster Dave.

And speaking of Dave, he also contributed his own photo of the Paris grave of Jim Morrison. Why a Paris grave on Beneath Los Angeles? Three reasons, to be exact. Read the caption and find out more.

But here's the biggest news I have ever had the pleasure to report to you. I don't really even know how it happened. First there was a one line mention of our site in the Business section of the Los Angeles Times (see our Shameless Plugs page). Then, a phone call from a reporter from the same newspaper wanting to interview me for a Halloween related story in an upcoming Calendar section. Then, he and a photographer wanted to join me and some pals on a gravehunt. Then he tells me, we're going to be a COVER STORY in a Thursday Calendar, coming up on October 12. Seems stupid to me, but who am I to challenge the LA Times? So, if you can, run out and buy it that day. If you are not conveniently located to a place where it is sold, I'm sure we will put a link up on the Shameless Plugs page, because that's just the kind of folks we are here at BLA.

That's it for now. Thanks, as always, for your continued support and comments. Have a great day or evening, and happy hunting!


(Published: Wed Mar 20 2019; Hits: 172)

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