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Four new pics this week, so a very short letter to fill you in.

We all remember Lana Clarkson, the gorgeous B movie actress who met an unfortunate demise in the home of legendary music producer Phil Spector (although he has not been charged with her murder). Well, until a recent visit to Hollywood Forever cemetery, nobody in our gravehunting circles knew where her cremains ended up. I came across her quite by accident, and that is always so thrilling, those unexpected discoveries. I was so excited, I even sent in the pictures to Find A Grave. Ditto, the niche of Kathleen Freeman. Found her on the same visit. My fondest memory of her is as the nun in the Blues Brothers movie who sets the plot in motion by giving the boys their 'Mission from God.'

Silent film star Mary Nolan is in a lonely crypt high above a passageway in the deepest darkest reaches of the Abbey of the Psalms mausoleum there in Hollywood. The picture ain't much, but the story of her tragic life, provided here by the very eloquent Melissa Delgado, will add poignance to the visit.

And finally, my friend Shelley Herman bid successfully in a recent JFK and Jackie Memorabilia auction to become the proud owner of a set of sympathy response cards, used to thank anyone who wrote to express their sorrow to Mrs. Kennedy after the death of her husband. One of those cards is now on display here. Thank you Shelley, and thank you Melissa for the excellent Mary Nolan write up.

That's all for now, except to also thank web master Dave who has been working hard and has moved the site to a shiny new server that should make all of our surfing faster and better. Including getting this letter out to y'all.

Have fun. Drive safely.


(Published: Wed Mar 20 2019; Hits: 1)

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