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Brother Ray is In The House

Hello, Music Fans:

I was very saddened by the death of Ray Charles, the great blues legend who crossed all musical genres and has been an icon for my entire life. When his viewing was open to the public, of course I went. And although I honored the request that I not photograph inside the Convention Center where he lay in an open casket in a black tuxedo and wraparound shades, I did take a quick shot of the parking signs outside the hall. I also drove by his longtime recording studio in Los Angeles, recently designated a historic landmark back in April, before heading off to Inglewood Memorial Park to get the final resting place to bring to all of you.

While there, I decided to add and update some of the regulars, so you may now pay your respects to Edgar Bergen, Cesar Romero, Silent Film Star Louise Fazenda, the Rascals' Buckwheat, songwriter Richard 'Louie, Louie' Berry, Heavyweight Champ James Jeffries, and a rapper named MC Trouble, who rests near Sugar Ray Robinson.

I also got new photos added to Betty Grable and Mayor Tom Bradley's pages.

Another update soon from Westwood, where I had gone to pay respects to Eric Douglas, the tragic youngest son of Kirk. While there, I was able to locate (thanks to my good buddy, Scott Michaels of the cremation niche of Jonathan (Dr. Smith) Harris. Here's why I love Westwood Cemetery: As small as it is, and as many times as I've been there over the last 20 years (thousands of times!), I always make new finds when I'm there, and that is why I love this hobby. You just never know what you'll see on any given day, even when you know a place like the back of your hand.

And how well do any of us really know the backs of our hands? With that to ponder, I will leave you now to go enjoy the latest update.

Enjoy the summer.


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