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Bob Spooner

Bob Spooner was my college roommate at San Diego State University, and a great friend. He died in 1978 of a rare cancer while we were in our Junior year. His family and friends arranged for this memorial to be built at SDSU by the pond near Scripps Cottage in the middle of the campus, and I was honored to be asked to write this plaque. Recently, the daughter of our mutual friend Greg Hull, now a student at SDSU herself, visited the site and took this picture. She reports that the pond now has turtles in it and the site is being enjoyed by the students as a spot to gather and relax, which was our intention. Back in the day, I was a member of a band called Small World and we did many original songs. One was called 'Sunset' and was co-written by me and Bob in memory of another friend who had died that year. The inclusion of the word Sunset in this plaque was meant as a tribute to Bob's one foray into songwriting. Bob is entombed at Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica.

Photo By: Karen Hull.

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