Beneath Los Angeles BENEATH

Virginia Richdale Kerrigan

Interred in the same mausoleum (Cathedral), just two corridors over from Valentino, is Virginia Richdale Kerrigan (Crypt 1399), the daughter of William W. Kerrigan, one-time manage of Universal Studios and the twin brother of actor J. Warren Kerrigan. Virginia had the distinction of being the first baby born on the Universal Studios lot in 1915. Rudy first met William Kerrigan while working on the set of "Delicious Little Devil" with Mae Murray. At the time, Kerrigan was managing his brother's career and was soon doing the same for Valentino. Rudy became attached to little Virginia, spending many hours at her Ivar Avenue home, often taking her for rides in his car.

On December 26, 1924, 9-year-old Virginia ran to a neighbor' house to model a new dancing frock she received or Christmas. As she twirled across the floor, her dress brushed over an open gas heater and ignited. Virginia was rushed to Hollywood Hospital, where the next day she died from her burns. According to Virginia's brother, Patrick, Valentino, who always had a profound love of children, was devastated by little Virginia's death and would often leave flowers at her crypt.
(Caption by Harry Martin)

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