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Dearly Departed DVD!

Hello, Holiday Shoppers:

Very exciting news here. My buddy Scott Michaels, he of and, he of E! 20 Most Horrifying Murders and The Girls Next Door, has finally released his long-awaited Dearly Departed DVD, featuring 18 great stories and location filming, bringing you right inside the locations of LA's most infamous murders, suicides and deaths, all for under 20 bucks!

I've been told that if you order on December 15th or 16th, that it will be delivered within the USA before Christmas, but that isn't guaranteed. I wish it could have been put out even a week sooner, but things happen for a reason. This dvd is good, and if you like this stuff, you'll enjoy it. Just visit or to see the trailer or for ordering information.

You can order the DVD directly from here:

As always, thank you for all your support throughout the year, and have a safe and sane holiday season.


(Published: Wed Mar 20 2019; Hits: 1)

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