Beneath Los Angeles BENEATH

Top 10 Graves (by Rating)

Rating# VotesResource
1042Richard Maibaum
1093Daniel Pearl
1017Sam Dreben
1016The Rainbow Connection
9.9640Bernie Brillstein
9.95125Harvey Korman
9.9350Him Fun Jew
9.8787Jacob Schwab
9.8249Shelley Winters
9.8114Adam Michael Goldstein

Top 10 Graves (by Votes)

Rating# VotesResource
9.59552Clara Bow
9.48473Moe Sedway
9465Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel
9.49459Mel Blanc
9.53455Sally Marr
9439Milton Berle
9.77418Jan Murray
8.66416Michael Landon
8.51415Totie Fields (Johnston)
8.85414Selma Diamond

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