What's Not New at Beneath Los Angeles:

Beneath Los Angeles - The First Year:

  • March 14, 1999:
    • Beneath Los Angeles celebrates its one year anniversary! Over 23,000 satisfied customers.
    • Famous: Mary Astor, Al Jolson, Lawrence Welk, and the original Stooge
    • Infamous: Barrymores: Lionel, Ethel, & John, Fanny Brice, Guitarists Michael Bloomfield & Pee Wee Crayton, Truman Capote, Dr. Ralph Greenson, and studio founders Carl Laemmle & Jack Warner

  • February 9, 1999:
    • Famous: Vic Morrow, Tom Bradley, Mack Sennett, Lorne Greene, John Ford, Jackie Coogan, John Candy, Friz Freling, Dinah Shore, and Allan Sherman
    • Infamous: Sam Brody, Paul Pink, Paul Michael Kelly, Louella Parsons, and Conrad Hilton, Jr.
    • Just Plain Dead: Chaplin's Little Mouse, Frankenstein, Boner, Search, and Shady Lane
    • Links page updated, and other corrections posted...

  • September 26, 1998:
    • The story of Florence Lawrence's death moves her from Famous to Infamous, also a few spelling corrections, and new links.

  • September 12, 1998:
    • Famous: William Frawley, Chuck Connors, and Rudolph Valentino's cousin, Nick
    • Infamous: Lenny Bruce and his mother, Sally Marr, and Clarence Nash
    • Just Plain Dead: Two new Angels, and Victoria!

  • September 10, 1998:
    • After a few months without a scanner, we're back!
    • Famous: Florence "The Biograph Girl" Lawrence and Rudolph Valentino's family
    • Infamous: Barbara LaMarr, Norma Talmadge, and a new picture of Bugsy Siegel
    • On Labor day (September 7) visitor number 10,000 came to Beneath Los Angeles! - View our site hit statistics

  • June 25, 1998:
    • Famous: Ritchie Valens, Natalie Wood, Walt Disney, Jimmy Stewart, and Burns & Allen
    • Infamous: Dwight Frye and Casey Stengel
    • Over 6,000 visitors have been to Beneath Los Angeles! - View our site hit statistics

  • May 6, 1998:

  • April 6, 1998:

  • April 3, 1998:
    • Famous: Audrey Meadows, Carl Wilson, and the Wizard of Oz
    • Infamous: Liberace, Evelyn Nesbit

  • March 15, 1998:
    • Site goes on-line with over 50 photographs

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